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Subject: Trip at Koh Samui

Posted By Mavis (---) On 03/08/07 03:27:
I will go to Koh Samui next week. Hope I could play kite boarding at Samui. I also plan another trip in the coming summer. Go to wild camping at National Park again. Will have chance to see wild animal such as black bear, racoon & deer near the ringtones
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Followup Comments:
Added by
Harry (---) On 03/12/07 17:06: Enjoy
Added by fly (---) On 03/12/07 23:25: photos!!
Added by Harry (---) On 03/12/07 23:39: 手信 !! HAHA
Added by screamer (---) On 03/13/07 09:11: 得行寫信比我地呀! 保重...
Added by JP Man (---) On 03/13/07 13:51: 乜原來去果便落地生根咩?
Added by scree (---) On 03/14/07 17:10: 下嫁蘇梅皇子...
Added by Harry (---) On 03/14/07 17:25: 又'蘇' 又'梅' .. scree, 返工唔好上網 wou.
Added by screamer (---) On 03/15/07 08:59: 我去左日本...wou!
Added by JP Man (---) On 03/15/07 15:07: I will go Japan next whole week. See you there .
Added by screammmmmer (---) On 03/24/07 09:23: returned to hk??
Added by Harry (---) On 03/24/07 23:44: See you at Stanley tom :-)

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Subject: Trip at Koh Samui
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