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Subject: Kung Hei Fa Choi!!!!!

Posted By SCreamer (---) On 02/18/07 15:43:
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Added by
Harry (---) On 02/18/07 22:01: Happy New Year ! When go Stanley?
Added by SCCCCCrrrrreeeeaaaMMMeR (---) On 02/18/07 22:51: tue ok
Added by fly (---) On 02/19/07 11:02: Wishing you all a windy year. see you guys at Pak shek this summer.
Added by Harry (---) On 02/19/07 14:42: Fly, Happy New Year. Will try to to Pak SHek this year :-)
Added by screamer (---) On 02/19/07 14:59:
Added by ssssCCCCrreammmer (---) On 02/24/07 20:26: windsurf.......tmr......

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Subject: Kung Hei Fa Choi!!!!!
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