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Subject: 2nd hand full set sail & board

Posted By ip (miketse11@yahoo.com.hk) On 01/14/07 17:53:
Anyone want to sell their gear? sail 6m & 7m board 120L or over href="http://hyves.mn/553/bull-terrier-puppies-for-sale/bulldog-puppies-for-sale-in-ontario.html">bulldog puppies for sale in ontario
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Followup Comments:
Added by
Harry (---) On 01/14/07 23:11: You want to buy? Try first....
Added by R (---) On 01/15/07 17:05: Add oil!
Added by ip (---) On 01/15/07 19:40: harry ......what do you mean by "try first"??
Added by Harry (---) On 01/16/07 22:04: Try the board befoer you buy ma. Otherwise how can you sure it is sutiable for you or not.... :-)
Added by scReameR (---) On 01/16/07 23:46: Yeaaaah....!
Added by ip (---) On 01/18/07 15:54: harry.........what particular things I need to notice? How do I know whether it is suitable or not? thx
Added by R (---) On 01/19/07 00:04: 你想玩大風或細風先??? 如果塊板Volume太細, 細風時好難企...淨系等大風先好玩!!
Added by 嘻嘻 (aaa@yahoo.com) On 01/19/07 18:45: 有沒all-round板吖,大細風都可以玩?
Added by ip (---) On 01/31/07 18:12: 通常一套二手板幾錢?
Added by Haha (haha@yahoo.com) On 02/14/07 12:19: Full set HK$5800, have a look la http://www.windfanshk.com/cgi-bin/windmart/windmart.pl?action=item&item=11793
Added by ip (---) On 02/17/07 21:42: 你見過套板未?
Added by sCReamer (---) On 02/18/07 15:42: 好似系某人GA WOU!
Added by Haha (haha@yahoo.com) On 02/21/07 19:31: 小基好似放板喎!!
Added by ip (---) On 02/21/07 20:11: 有乜二手板消息....記著通知我呀.............

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Subject: 2nd hand full set sail & board
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