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Subject: when windsurfing together ??

Posted By ip ( miketse11@yahoo.com.hk ) On 12/25/06 16:12:
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Harry (---) On 12/26/06 00:25: Hi Ip, 唔俾人見到你兩個都唔蒲頭.We are always in Stanley ma. I will be there every Sunday morning. You can come freely la. Waiting you !
Added by R (---) On 12/26/06 00:49: .......go go go!
Added by 嘻嘻 (---) On 12/26/06 17:12: 阿業從出江湖!!
Added by ip (---) On 12/31/06 18:10: i don't have off on sunday usually........anyway, i try my best to join

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Subject: when windsurfing together ??
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