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Subject: Nimh Charger

Posted By screamer (---) On 11/29/06 20:25:
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screamerRRR (---) On 11/29/06 20:25: http://www.much-more.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/1.jpg
Added by harry (---) On 11/30/06 08:46: sold out la....But seems e-station 701 more powerful wou....
Added by screamerRRR (---) On 11/30/06 16:58: of course la...very expensive!
Added by screamer (---) On 12/01/06 00:01: http://www.duratrax.com/caraccys/dtxp4170.html ICE Charger
Added by harry (---) On 12/01/06 08:58: Ok. ICE charger is great in graphical LCD (no need to connect computer) but seems no individual voltage sensor. e-station 701 has more function than it. Very difficult, both has points. Better wait until next.... !

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Subject: Nimh Charger
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