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Subject: Vacation

Posted By Mavis (---) On 11/02/06 02:12:
Great to tell u I will have a trip to somewhere. I'm not decide the location yet. Will have a sponsor to provide me a free air ticket, accommodation, car rental, etc.... By the way, I could go to Australia / New Zealand /Hawaii (good for surfing)/ Maldives, etc. Will check the travel agent tomorrow. Pls guess who is the sponsor ???? href="http://hyves.mn/514/low-cost-tramadol/medication-tramadol-hcl.html">medication tramadol hcl
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Harry (---) On 11/02/06 11:43: I scare to guess wor..hehe... You are so excitred ar. You can invite somebody to go together ar. You can pay half for him/her. haha I will be in Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas
Added by Mavis (---) On 11/04/06 02:59: Wow....Las Vegas, Dallas, etc. I had been visited Dallas which is a quiet place. You could visit the Kennedy Museum and a Governor who was shooted overthere / watch a show (w/horse & sword) in Renaissance Restaurant at downtown.If u have chance, pls try the steak. Steak is very famous in Dallas.You could try the cream w/seafood pasta at Western restaurant,the Vietnam soup noodle (many Vietnamese migrate to Dallas,they put some herbs inside the soup noodle),buffalo chicken wings, A&W fries w/skin & Dairy Queen blue berry ice-cream at downtown. Worth to try them all.
Added by Harry (---) On 11/04/06 10:09: Hi owl, so early in the morning haha. Many txs your suggestion ar. I will force my colleague in Dallas to bring me to the place you introduced. . I need go Mexico for one day trip as well however no chance to have a diving there . How about you? jG la...

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Subject: Vacation
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