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Subject: Good Wind in Stanley

Posted By Screamer-RRR (---) On 11/01/06 23:07:
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Followup Comments:
Added by
Harry (---) On 11/01/06 23:28: Ah your good holiday started. 6.4m ? buy a new one la....haha.
Added by screamer (---) On 11/02/06 10:06: no la no la....!
Added by Harry (---) On 11/02/06 11:48: So save money for a tourist trip to somewhere la..again jet-ski and took photos
Added by scrrrrrreameeeeeer (---) On 11/03/06 16:31:
Added by Harry (---) On 11/03/06 17:28: How is your day 2 and 3 ? Stanley ?
Added by Screamer-RRR (---) On 11/04/06 10:50: no ar..day2 lunch with colleagues.&..night school...day3 study....!
Added by Harry (---) On 11/04/06 12:57: Today is day 4 wor. Tom Stanley? I will go. You should use your own head i/o .... SHall I make it for you? :-)
Added by scrrrrrreameeeeeer (---) On 11/04/06 13:19: pls.dont do it...߸...!
Added by SCRRRR (---) On 11/04/06 13:20: next monday is good wind and weather!!!
Added by Harry (---) On 11/04/06 22:34: busy until E/Nov....

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Subject: Good Wind in Stanley
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