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Subject: Lipo Battery for Transmitter 11.1V

Posted By screamerR (---) On 09/26/06 16:42:
I have a Lipo battery 10C 11.1V 2100mah for my Futaba Transmitter, the battery only has 1 red wire + and 1 black wire - My charger has three pulgs for 1 series, 2 series and 3 series 1 series with 2 pins 2 series with 3 pins why 3 pins for + - + or + - - or - + -? 3 series with 4 pins which series should I plug my battery in to the charger? href="http://sites.google.com/site/gttfogvdvjwii/history-of-fashion---history-of-fashion-photography---history-of-fashion-accessories-history-of-fashion">history of fashion
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Harry (---) On 09/27/06 08:35: Any website I can see your charger with specification? I guess your 11.1V is 3-series but need to check how you connect the pins. Show me the battery connector photo also...

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Subject: Lipo Battery for Transmitter 11.1V
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