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Subject: rechargeable battery

Posted By Harry (---) On 07/25/06 11:02:
God! I found even Energizer rechargeable battery also have serious charge leakage like Sanyo. Very sad, I am checking what happen. Screammmer, do you find if you charge them and keep it for 2 week, it becomes no charge? href="http://audipartstunv.blog128.fc2.com/blog-entry-18.html">auntie mame
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Followup Comments:
Added by
screamerrrrrrr (---) On 07/25/06 11:18: Oh.....I also want to tell you that my Energizer also like that...so bad!
Added by screamer (---) On 07/25/06 11:19: I just can use around 3 days for my toothbush and shaver...then drop very fast...!
Added by screamer (---) On 07/25/06 11:23: do u think the alkaine battery can instead of rechargable battery? the cost...
Added by Harry (---) On 07/25/06 11:58: Alkaline battery can be used instead of rechargeable batter but cost high. Don't recharge alkaline battery. (especially duracell, once recharge, sure some chemical liquid will leak out from battery)
Added by Harry (---) On 07/25/06 11:59: I am searching some article about such serious charge leakage problem but can't find. Previous Ni-Cd and low capacity Ni-mH don't have such trouble. They can keep for months and still in good condition.
Added by screamer (---) On 07/25/06 13:12: One pack of Alkaline is not so expensive wou and I think the life time of using the wholw pack aklaline is same as the rechargeable battery (7 months).....??
Added by Harry (---) On 07/25/06 13:40: Usually I expected more than 500 times recharge on Ni-Cd and at least 300 time recharge on Ni-mH. I feel they did (those old ones with capacity not more than 2,000mAH can use for years !)
Added by Harry (---) On 07/25/06 13:42: 1 AA alkaline around HK$2, one Ni-mH around HK$15 and if can use 300 times...how about you need to pay for alkaline in same case :-)
Added by Harry (---) On 07/25/06 13:46: I started to suspect the charger. What charger you are using? GP? which one? After moved back to old house, I will carry out a test on batteries to make sure which one is problem. It takes of course two weeks more.
Added by Screamer (---) On 07/25/06 14:01: I use China charger....cheap...! What do u think the problem of charger? It makes the battery worse?
Added by screamer (---) On 07/25/06 14:04: I used the battery around 7 months, charge once per week..so total 28 times, then not efficiency!
Added by screamer (---) On 07/25/06 14:06: If I buy a big pad of alkalines..2 per week X4 X7 ..total 56 picese, the cost may be lower than rechargeable!!
Added by screammmmer (---) On 07/25/06 14:08: how about your idea?
Added by Harry (---) On 07/25/06 14:12: I sure bad charger will damage battery (usually over charge and generate heat). But I used intelligent one already (then I worry charge stop before fully charged). That's why I need to test the battery by ensure the amount I charged and stay for two week to see how many amount remain.
Added by Harry (---) On 07/25/06 14:14: Your case seems yes. cost almost same. but compare my old batery they can use for years ma. Moreover pollution on 56 batteries sure more than 2 rechargeable batteries. right?
Added by sccccccreammmmmeeeer (---) On 07/25/06 14:17: Try try your test! I think after a period used, the battery becomes low ability...but still can use in low quality condition...too bad..
Added by screamer (---) On 07/25/06 14:20: yes..pollution is the major problem..I dont want to throw too many old batteries..
Added by ssscrrReeEaaAmmMeeeR (---) On 07/25/06 14:22: no batteries...no salaries...!+
Added by Harry (---) On 07/25/06 14:25: I threw away my new Sanyo battery because of that Now my 'rather new' Energizer also same
Added by sssssssccreamer-x (---) On 07/25/06 14:30: 如果有 2AA 鋰電就好...like mobile phone
Added by Harry (---) On 07/25/06 14:36: Li-ion has aging problem and the capacity will lost 30% in first year no matter you charge it or not charge it frequently ! (next year another 30% of remain capacity disappeared) Your mobile phone battery usually last good for one year only. Then you found 好快冇電.
Added by Harry (---) On 07/25/06 14:38: What means + 濳水野? 濳野?
Added by Siu Yat (---) On 08/11/06 11:32: 137 + 167 = poor Siu YAt law!!!!!
Added by Harry (---) On 08/11/06 15:27: 小野成屋都係錢 !
Added by 小野 (---) On 08/14/06 11:39: 燒得個的???
Added by Harry (---) On 08/14/06 17:51: Jul-14 ?

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Subject: rechargeable battery
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