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Subject: 夏天的赤柱正灘

Posted By Harry (---) On 06/26/06 02:04:
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Followup Comments:
Added by
fly (---) On 06/26/06 11:41: Nice photos. keep it coming!
Added by Harry (---) On 06/26/06 13:38: Hi Fly, thanks. Will keep on finding out beautiful site there (if good air and sunshine)
Added by Screammmmeeerrr (---) On 06/28/06 16:51: Pls.keep update lalalala.......
Added by Harry (---) On 06/29/06 15:03: 白石 This Saturday?
Added by screameR (---) On 06/29/06 15:19: yes..are u ok??? pls. arrange...and when Roller?
Added by Harry (---) On 06/29/06 17:49: Considering....But I need to come back Hong Kong side by 7:00pm so if you can help me to bring back the stuff, mostly I can join. Hehe..
Added by Harry (---) On 06/29/06 17:57: Roller lesson stopped this weekend..
Added by Harry (---) On 06/30/06 09:09: Finally I gave up 白石 due to house renovation
Added by fly (---) On 06/30/06 15:48: Harry, your equipment now placed at Pak Shek?
Added by Screamer (---) On 06/30/06 23:53: no ar..harry's still in Stanley....with me
Added by fly (---) On 07/01/06 07:29: I see. But it has been nice at Pak Shek lately during SW winds. I launched from TMT which I usually need to use one size bigger than those guys there. We're planing to go to Pak Shek for a ride next SW wind. Why didn't you guys move there?
Added by ScreamerrrrR (---) On 07/02/06 00:48: Harry may be busy in his house......actual we dont know the enviornment of Pak Shek....but i want to try try..if strong wind! We dont know can we take bath there or not??!
Added by fly (---) On 07/02/06 19:56: Some guys rented village houses and store their gear there. Clement is one of them. May be he knows better. I haven't been there for more then 5 years...We will drive there and launch if there's good SW wind.
Added by 忠誠塵鑵A粉絲 (---) On 07/03/06 13:03: 尋人湯咪!見字電我!
Added by 忠誠塵鑵A粉絲 (---) On 07/03/06 13:48: 尋找湯咪的一扇窗,飛遠去的你,留下你的一扇窗.頂.
Added by 變態佬 (---) On 07/03/06 17:17: 見咗人地嘅friend兩次就扮晒同人好熟...正一死性難改...
Added by A粉絲 (---) On 07/03/06 17:34: 比此比此.
Added by 變態佬 (---) On 07/03/06 22:06: 好.以後就請勿搭枱.
Added by [126] (---) On 07/24/06 12:26:

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Subject: 夏天的赤柱正灘
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