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Posted By sCCCreamer (---) On 03/28/06 10:45:
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Followup Comments:
Added by
Harry (---) On 03/28/06 13:38: temporarily 6:15 at Wanchai Start Ferry bus stop no. 18 ok? I will have a meeting by 5:00 so if cannot finish then need to postpone.......
Added by screamer (---) On 03/28/06 13:50: ok..........
Added by Harry (---) On 03/28/06 22:26: 又破財啦
Added by screamer (---) On 03/28/06 23:48: 你話呢個世界幾美好......wowowu
Added by scccccreamEr (---) On 03/28/06 23:49: Mavis: when u come out to play Roller Blade with us...
Added by Harry (---) On 03/28/06 23:51: 死ga你,依家冇技術點點點見見見人呀呀呀呀呀呀呀......
Added by Harry (---) On 03/28/06 23:53: 嘻嘻
Added by Mavis (---) On 03/29/06 00:33: Haha....my skill of roller blade is so bad. I can play at weekend....anytime. Pls let me know if u have schedule.
Added by screamer (---) On 03/29/06 10:40: Mavis:ok when ready...we reserve u to teach us... ..we try to go 馬場玩
Added by Harry (---) On 03/29/06 11:32: Ok Ok, 去馬場玩(跑馬地)....我扮演觀眾..
Added by Harry (---) On 03/29/06 13:56: screamer 扮 Windy....Mavis 扮...電兔 !!
Added by Harry (---) On 03/30/06 17:21: 喂Windy, which night is convenient for you to join the course next week?
Added by Harry (---) On 03/31/06 15:34: Next operation - Apr-01 8:30 健威對面. 7:00 dinner together at Grappa, North Point
Added by screamer (---) On 03/31/06 16:12: okkkkkkk...
Added by Harry (---) On 04/02/06 22:03: jump jump, gybe gybe, no gust, no choppy wave, wouuuuuu
Added by sccccccccccreamer (---) On 04/03/06 11:52:
Added by sccccrrrrreeeeeeeeaammmmmeeer (---) On 04/03/06 23:54: harry: pls.think think when will u available to jump jump....
Added by Harry (---) On 04/04/06 05:49: Basically even tonight can jump jump. now on way to Dongguan

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