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Subject: 點解魚蛋牛丸雙併要賣貴D

Posted By 忌廉 (---) On 03/02/06 14:55:
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Added by
忌廉 (---) On 03/02/06 14:57: http://www.capturea.com/TV/FishBall.wmv
Added by Pass-by (---) On 03/02/06 16:57: Hi, interesting point, but, he is totally wrong by using demand curve to explain it. the basic demand and supply concept says that a product's price is determined by demand and supply, a intercept point of two curve. Different products have different set of D&S curves. Fish ball, beef ball and fish & beef ball are three different products. It is completely wrong to explain the price movement of fish&beef ball in fish ball D&S curve (becasue they are different products!). What the tutor said is the concept of diminishing return but not Demand and supply curve. It's pitty such "famous" economic tutor makes such fundemental mistake!
Added by JP Man (---) On 03/02/06 20:30: 明明地...but I feel the D&S curve of fish and beef will be similar although not the same. So the total area you take for first half of each curve will be more than the whole area of one only...It should be correct...Sorry 我低...
Added by screameR (---) On 03/03/06 10:18: 咁焉央咪要賣貴D!
Added by JP Man (---) On 03/03/06 10:36: no no no... 鴛鴦同時飲落肚享受一次過. fish&beef 前後分開食落肚有兩次享受
Added by Pass-by (---) On 03/03/06 11:55: I am not sure if there is any textbook that says the area of demand curve can represent value of product. As a matter of fact, demand curve simply indicates that the reduction in price will drive down the quantity of demand. You need to be very careful to apply economic theory in real life as each of the thoeries has its precise definition and

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Subject: 點解魚蛋牛丸雙併要賣貴D
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