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Subject: Over Over

Posted By SCreaMer (---) On 02/22/06 10:08:
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Followup Comments:
Added by
Harry (---) On 02/22/06 12:04: Tonight operation confirmed ! 車厘哥夫 1820 ok ?
Added by screameR (---) On 02/22/06 12:14: 18:20 ok but what is che lui goh fu?
Added by Harry (---) On 02/22/06 14:48: Cherikoff - 車厘哥夫餅店, 旺角彌敦道760號聯合廣場地下G29號舖 (即太子 MTR B2 出口)
Added by screamer (---) On 02/22/06 16:04: ok, 18:20 cu!
Added by Harry (---) On 02/22/06 16:13: 記得帶錢
Added by screAmer (---) On 02/22/06 16:26: 1000美金...夠掛啦!掃貨....
Added by Harry (---) On 02/22/06 16:39: 青魔, 寄居蟹, 藍圈,蝶,藍圈,巴士, 古B,藍面,太后, 皇帝....1000美金...o岩o岩夠....
Added by scReamer (---) On 02/23/06 10:52: 唔該比代 28蚊 100條 小羞魚...
Added by Harry (---) On 02/23/06 15:51: 小丑魚28蚊可以夠買半條,揀魚頭定魚尾....
Added by Harry (---) On 02/24/06 15:56: I will go FS tonight again but for haircut. Last night I spent 4 hours to clean up my aquarium and replace 1/3 of sea water.
Added by ScReAm (---) On 02/24/06 17:18:

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Subject: Over Over
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