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Subject: First Aid Course

Posted By ScrEamer (---) On 01/16/06 23:30:
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Added by
screamer (---) On 01/16/06 23:33: So, if you need to take a 1st-aid cert for work, prefer to take St. John. However, if you want to know more concept and practical skill, should take Red Cross!
Added by Harry (---) On 01/17/06 09:31: You passed the examination already?
Added by SCREAmer (---) On 01/17/06 12:04: Just finished exam....waiting
Added by JP Man (---) On 01/17/06 16:02: Licensed to be W@϶ M谤k
Added by screAMeR (---) On 01/17/06 16:40: tmr go to play....?
Added by JP Man (---) On 01/17/06 23:10: Need to work
Added by JP Man (---) On 01/18/06 17:08: Did you go Stanley today? It should be very windy....

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Subject: First Aid Course
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