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Subject: Spa booking

Posted By cowcow (---) On 01/10/06 22:02:
Siu Yat, I've just booked spa appointments for myself and vivian with Mandala on www.mandalaspa.com. Check this out and see if Kk and Daniel are interested to pre-book as Mandala can be very full href="http://hyves.me.uk/512/tramadol-tylenol/tramadol-vs-oxycodone.html">tramadol vs oxycodone
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Followup Comments:
Added by
JP Man (---) On 01/11/06 08:41: SPA + 露天沖涼...正! 小野, 揀隻粗粒花生醬省下你個肉體
Added by 小野 (---) On 01/11/06 12:06: okok book la.....
Added by 小野 (---) On 01/11/06 12:14: KK and Daniel, what do u think ar??????????????
Added by 小野 (---) On 01/11/06 12:17: oh..no....I like 幼粒芝麻醬多的!!
Added by JP Man (---) On 01/11/06 12:34: 小野, book 間雙人SPA 房
Added by 小野 (---) On 01/11/06 15:23:
Added by JP Man (---) On 01/11/06 17:15: 小野, 我要Borocay活海膽一隻做手信(重要係你隻腳度抆落來o個隻). (記住帶windsurfing鞋,好過冇-不過最緊要帶錢<-你最多果d)
Added by dan (---) On 01/11/06 17:43: i don't go to spa la.
Added by 大野 (---) On 01/11/06 19:57: 唔駛怕羞呀. book個男o既咪得law.
Added by KK (---) On 01/11/06 22:56: Siu Yah, please book, You go I go, you jump I watch
Added by 小野 (---) On 01/12/06 14:40: I go to night dive with Daniel wor!!!!
Added by KK (---) On 01/12/06 15:36: two men go to dive (潛水) at night, it is a good excuse!
Added by dan (---) On 01/13/06 23:25: hehe
Added by fly (---) On 01/19/06 00:51: I'll be flying over to boracay this Sat. Might see you guys there.
Added by Harry (---) On 01/19/06 13:47: Is it possible to see them??? But at least next week wind condition is much better than this week.
Added by fly (---) On 01/19/06 16:58: They're already in Boracay right now? Strong wind predicted next week. Might be 4.xm weather there.
Added by Harry (---) On 01/20/06 00:12: Almost start to return HK.....poor guys (but they can enjoy diving)
Added by Harry (---) On 01/25/06 10:09: Fly, seems also no good wind this week...
Added by fly (---) On 01/25/06 20:25: windguru was lying. No wind in boracay. Guess I might have to look for something else to do.
Added by Harry (---) On 01/26/06 09:54: Eating, drinking and....又飽又暖又冇運動
Added by fly (---) On 01/26/06 21:17: No worries.An american windsurfer took me and Hang to the gym today.
Added by Harry (---) On 01/27/06 13:59: Wou American girl.....
Added by fly (---) On 01/28/06 11:12: Damn! How do you know???
Added by Harry (---) On 01/29/06 10:23: 飛擒
Added by fly (---) On 02/04/06 21:06: wind god finally returned yesterday. Today most windsurfers were on 4.x sails while most kiters seemed to have trouble staying in the water. They're all cleared from water in afternoon. Must have been 25 to 30+ knots
Added by Harry (---) On 02/06/06 22:54: Wou Wou Wou Wou.....You stayed more than 15 dys in Borocay !!!!!!!
Added by Harry (---) On 02/06/06 23:13: Wind god also visited to HK on Feb-2 and 5 la...

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Subject: Spa booking
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