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Subject: weather forecast

Posted By cowcow (---) On 01/10/06 21:38:
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Added by
cowcow (---) On 01/10/06 21:44: should come biking with us on sunday lah...sooo much fun and relaxing. first we had b-fast at Shek kong, then went to Kin's place in shek kong --> temple /villages in shek kong-->checkout TUB feast kitchen--> shek kong airport-->nam sun wai--> kum shui fa yuen--> tea break (actually we had soya chicken and stir fried noodles) -->Yuen long wetland-->Yuen long bike shop-->buy buy buy accessories-->spend spend spend $$$$--> Yuen long dai pai dong-->lamb pot-->very full..and go home on chicken van
Added by ¤płĄ (---) On 01/11/06 12:12: cannot go ar, this Sunday need to earn money ar!! only can join u guys dinner jar!!!!!
Added by ¤płĄ (---) On 01/11/06 16:42:

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Subject: weather forecast
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